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A fat guy who can't crack wise is like a Newfie who can't get on the pogey [guess what else I am]. Funny or "Fun" and Kind are absolute essentials for me in all my relationships.

Dafür ist die Shaolin Kampfkunst hervorragend geeignet.The latest edition of "GQ" magazine details the guards' experiences. For example, like if you met him, like you came into his presence, he'd shake your hand and after you left he would take his baby wipes that we supplied him with and he would wipe his hands off, but he never did it in front ... He also wiped off his utensils, his plates, his trays. But since I knew everything that he's done to his own country and stuff like that, he wasn't really likable in the back of your mind. On Monday's 'Abrams Report,' the author of the article, Lisa De Paulo and the men who had the job of guarding Saddam, Specialist Sean O`Shea, also Corporal Jonathan "Paco" Reese of the Pennsylvania National Guard, joined guest host Lisa Daniels. How many times a day did you think to yourself, 'I can't believe I am guarding Saddam Hussein.' SPL. Basically anytime he felt dirty, he wiped himself off. But as far the outer side of him, yes, he seemed like a likable guy, like if I didn't know anything about him, I'd probably like (him). DE PAULO: Well I spoke to several of his commanding officers and I knew that when they left Iraq they signed certain things ... that explained what they couldn't talk about, such as the location, the number of forces, methods -- actual methods of guarding him that would put soldiers in jeopardy.

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To read an excerpt of their conversation, continue to the text below. SEAN O`SHEA: Every single time -- just about every single time I walked into the cell area. It just kind of fell in the lap of my whole platoon and it's just the job we got chosen for. JONATHAN "PACO" REESE: My first meeting with Saddam Hussein was a little bit -- I was a little awestruck. You're going to get him mad.' So he sticks his hand, he waves hello to him through the door, and Saddam comes up to the door, a big smile on his face, you know puts his hand over his heart and he's like 'Hello, it's nice to meet you.' So you know I said the same thing back to him. DANIELS: You referenced him as Saddam, are you on a first-name basis at this point? I just usually got his attention by making a noise or something like that. O`SHEA: After breakfast, the doctors come to see him and then he goes outside for a little while, takes a shower, has lunch, then dinner and then ... He just sits down, writes in his cell and then goes to bed. DANIELS: And so here you have Saddam Hussein trying to make conversation with you on certain days. What were the rules regarding what you could and could not say? DANIELS: And I also understand he gave you guys dating tips.

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