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It became the fastest- selling single of all time in the UK, selling a million copies in the first week alone. 1 for five weeks, selling over three million copies and becoming easily the biggest-selling single of all time in the UK, thus beating the seven-year record held by Mull of Kintyre.It has since been surpassed by Elton John's "Candle in the Wind 1997" (his tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales) but it is likely to keep selling in different versions for many years to come.The group was composed of forty artists to raise awareness and funds for the Ethiopian famine in 1983–1985 .The group's name stemmed from the idea that the musicians were providing aid to the less fortunate and suggested that their project was likened to putting a band-aid on a wound.This led to a stand-off with the British Government, who refused to waive the VAT on the sales of the single.Geldof made the headlines by publicly standing up to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and, sensing the strength of public feeling, the government backed down and donated the tax back to the charity.Geldof called many of the most popular British and Irish performers of the time, persuading them to give their time free.

It was she who became the driving force that inspired (and helped) Geldof to rally the most famous pop stars of the 1980s to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.An added bonus, "One Year On" (a statement from Geldof and Ure on the telephone) was available as a b-side."One Year On" can also be found in transcript form in a booklet which was included in the DVD set of Live Aid, the first disc of which features the BBC news report, as well as the Band Aid video. It sold over two million copies around the globe and raised more than million (USD).Geldof was looking for support from all nations for Africa beginning in the United Kingdom.To do so, the artists recorded a hit single titled "Do They Know It's Christmas?

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Boy George arrived last at 6 pm, after Geldof woke him up by phone to have him flown over from New York City on Concorde to record his solo part.

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