Sex dating in luxemburg wisconsin

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Sex dating in luxemburg wisconsin

No new trial date had been set, but the possibility of future appeals could have prolonged the case.

Church officials asked her not to go to the police and she complied when she was promised Feeney would not be put in a position where he could harm other children.

He also speaks to Boy Scout groups about pedophilia and his abuse.

"If I can save just one child from abuse, then it's worth it." The Green Bay diocese's decision to move Feeney out of state made it possible to bring criminal charges many years after the statute of limitations would have expired if he had remained in Wisconsin.

"In my case I am capable of forgetting about all this and writing a good letter of recommendation for you to a new bishop and I hope and pray you will find one." Feeney found a willing bishop and moved to the Reno-Las Vegas diocese in 1984.

He was assigned to a parish but was accused of another assault on a boy.

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When Sharon Merryfield learned the diocese moved Feeney to another small-town parish, ministering to unsuspecting families, she went to the police and filed a complaint.

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