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Now an animation student at the Toronto Film School, the Pickering resident is focused on “blending art and computers,” with the very specific passion of animating cells in 3D surgical simulation programs used to train doctors.

It’s a level of social comfort he’s worked hard, and long, to attain.‘Imagination on loudspeaker’Raised in the heart of Richmond Hill with his younger brother, Cameron, Mead struggled through much of his childhood, despite receiving plenty of professional support in the classroom and the clinic.“Things had to happen on time,” says his mother, Lori Bateman.

He still recalls his best friend, Nick, pulling away in Grade 3, “a tough learning experience.”“He just stopped wanting to play with me.

I’m not sure if he was embarrassed or if we just grew apart.

If she was late getting home from work, “every minute that I wasn’t there he grew more anxious.”That led to meltdowns.

Until age 12, Mead had trouble computing why events and activities, even small ones, might not match up with the daily schedule.

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I also got the courage to ask out a girl for the first time in my life,” he says.

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